The Tung Shing Group

Publish: 9/26/2017 Viewed: 847

Tung Shing Group has been operating in Vietnam since the early 1990s, the Tung Shing Group is entrenched in Vietnam for the long-term, with diverse interests spanning from real estate development to trading, and a staff of more than 1,800 people. 

The Tung Shing Group is Vietnam’s leading distributor of industrial sewing machines, and the business has flourished with the country’s burgeoning garment and textile sectors. 

The Group’s property portfolio includes the luxury residential complex Golden Westlake Executive Residences, commercial office building Tung Shing Square and the Hanoi Hotel etc. – all of which are among the most successful and profitable properties in Vietnam – and has recently acquired Eastin Grand Hotel Saigon.

The Group is also Vietnam’s sole distributor for Johnson Controls systems, and this business will post significant growth in the next few years. 

Today, Tung Shing Sewing Machine Company Limited remains one of Hong Kong’s leading distributors of industrial sewing machines, and the business continues to flourish – expanding rapidly in China and other overseas markets. 

The Tung Shing Group is always on the lookout for opportunities to expand our business and we are seeking many projects that which may lead us to another level for years to come.

Hanoi Head Office
Address: Room 803, 8th Floor, Tung Shing Square, 2 Ngo Quyen Street, Hanoi City, Viet Nam 
Tel : +84 24 3935 1318 
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