Ha Viet Tung Shing Company Limited

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Ha Viet Tung Shing Co., Ltd is the developer of Golden Westlake Executive Residence - one of the finest quality residential projects in Vietnam located at 151 Thuy Khue, Tay Ho, Hanoi.

As the developer of one of the most luxurious and outstanding residential project in Hanoi, Ha Viet Tung Shing had achieve profound experience and compliment during construction process as well as completion

Golden Westlake Executive Residence officially accomplished and started operating in 2009 with the total investment capital of 80,000,000USD and has been managed by CBRE Management Co., Ltd. The project covers an area of 20,706 m2 including one podium comprising Ground & Mezzanine floor, two towers and two basement parking levels.

After construction, Golden Westlake is known as the sophisticated and elegant place with luxury style situated at the ideal position of 2 street frontages and overlooking the capital largest and most famous natural landmark, Westlake. Not only providing 16 freestanding contemporary Villas featuring fully fenced, private courtyards, garage as well as 370 luxury apartments including unique split-level Duplexes and the country’s first tri-level Penthouses; but the project also possesses various top facilities such as golf practice, sauna & gym, supermarket, tennis court, swimming pools, international school, retail shops…

At a glance, there are 6 types of apartments in different areas including 1 bedroom (68.0-74.6 m2), 2 bedrooms (83.6-116.9 m2), 3 bedrooms (128.12-208.59 m2), 3.5 bedrooms (184.38-191.73 m2), 4 bedrooms (225.58 m2), 5 bedrooms (252.12-472.69 m2), Penthouse upper level, Penthouse lower level and the 377.52 – 424.66 m2 villas with 4 floors, 4 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, garage, and swimming pool design. At Golden Westlake, the key for success of space construction are the fastidious attention to every detail, the selection of quality materials, sanitary ware and fixtures, brand name appliances, and the interaction between spaces.

Being on the way of development, Ha Viet Tung Shing Co., Ltd as well as Golden Westlake Executive Residence in particular is pace by pace imparting the expected values and reaching the priority of discerning customers and partners as a destination.

Address: Golden Westlake, 151 Thuy Khue St, Hanoi City, Vietnam

Tel: +84 24 3847 2116

Website: http://www.goldenwestlake.com.vn

Email: ghuri@tungshinggroup.com.vn